About Guttervac Technology Ltd

Patio before cleaning.
Patio after cleaning.

Driveway and Patio cleaning

We use high-tech pressure washing and sealing
techniques, enabling us to restore tired old
driveways, patios, car parks, in fact any
hard landscaped surface for both domestic
and commercial clients. The top-quality
pressure washing equipment we use which
operates at 250 bar and 900 litres/hour
flow,washers. Unlike domestic pressure washers
we can control the force and flow-cleaning
your driveway or paving safely.

Gutter cleaning

We do not use ladders or scaffolding!

We can clean gutters using 'SkyVac'; the latest
technology that sucks your gutters clean,
ensuring all rain water stays exactly where
it belongs

* An on-board camera ensures nothing is left
in your gutter.
* SkyVac can reach and clean areas that
ladders can't.
* A safe and cost-effective solution.

Gutter before cleaning.
Gutter after cleaning.
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