About driveway cleaning

Before cleaning.
After cleaning.

Driveways & Patios

Unfortunately due to the UK climate block paving
can become infested with weeds, grass, algae,
litchen and moss; this means your investment
can start to look a bit of an eyesore. As we are
all leading busy lives you may not have time to
attend to this messy job yourself. Donít worry,
as professional help is at hand.

Our team have the methods and procedures in
place to restore your paving and give you a
clean driveway at a fraction of its initial
installation cost.

The processes we follow:-

- Free site assessment and written quotation
- Weed killing & minor renovation work
- Oil stain removal
- Pressure washing and rinsing down
- Re-sanding to stabilise block paving
- Waste removal and clean up
- Optional application of an appropriate sealant for the surface being treated

Work at 5, Fletcher Drive, Disley.

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Before After
Before After
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